Beyonce at Coachella: An Ode to HBCUs

As the first black woman to headline one of the world biggest festival stages, she definitely came to SLAY.

This past Saturday, April 14,2018, singer and entertainer Beyonce performed arguably one of the best and most dynamic performances of her life at the world famous Coachella Music Festival.

One of the most dynamic parts of her performances was her paying homage to the marching band culture of Historically Black Colleges and Universities.

In a sea of predominately caucasian fans, she boldy introduced and showcased the essence of black marching band culture as an amazing and entertaining force for the world to see. From the band, composed of various musicians from actual HBCU bands, to the "faux probate" of her own fraternal organization, BΔK, Beyonce embodied the essence of an entire culture of people. The importance of her showcasing a part of black culture is timed so appropriately during these political times of uncertainty or unrest. Moments like these, where a people's culture is celebrated as a main event is very important to the progression of diversity and acceptance in America. Events like these help to shed light on the culture and richness of HBCUs.

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